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A subscription which features over 300 online training for your entire management team.  In addition, you will have access to many of GAMA’s resources to ensure a turnkey solution to both the Science of Management and the Art of Leadership.

  • 5+ Years of On-going Training
  • Science of Management
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Accountability Process – Monitoring – Associates Who are Under-Performing

Accountability is crucial when you have associates that are not hitting their goals or are under-achieving. If someone on your team is not hitting their performance goals, it is time to have a fair, but tough conversation about what they need to do to achieve their potential.

  • Veterans Not Hitting Their Goals
  • Associate Business Plateaus
  • Having the GAP Conversation
  • Show Me - Experienced Not on Plan

One Time Charge - Access for 30 Days
Selection Process – Not Over-Selling a Inexperienced Opportunity

When recruiting inexperienced candidates, it is critical that a firm is selective in who they hire. The best firms have an extensive process that allows them to meet multiple people within the firm and get realistic expectations of what it will take to be successful without over-selling.

  • Five Handshake Rule in Selection
  • Let Them See What It Is Like
  • Hiring to the Proper Mindset
  • Benefits of Reverse Selling

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Recruiting Process – Understanding the Process

There are 3 stages of effective recruiting – finding, selection and momentum building. Learn how and why it is important to remain in touch with qualified candidates since when most say “no” to an opportunity, they really mean “not now”.

  • 3 Stages of Recruiting
  • Finding, Selecting, Fast Start
  • Staying Top of Mind
  • Follow-up When You Miss

One Time Charge - Access for 30 Days
Foundational Principles – Building a Healthy Culture

Studies show today’s workers seek a good company culture. They want a career where they like their co-workers and feel they are making a difference. See how to build a great culture and avoid inadvertent mistakes that kill trust and therefore kill a good culture.

  • Creating a Collaborative Culture
  • Implementing Change
  • Elements of Trust
  • Building Great Company Culture

One Time Charge - Access for 30 Days
A Leader’s Philosophy Course – A Mindset of Leading Others

Course Summary:  This course is designed to make sure a new or prospective leader has put other’s first. One misconception about management and leadership is that others work for you.

  • Leader's Mindset
  • Developing Purpose in Others
  • Leadership From a Legend
  • Lead From the Front

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